– We focus on helping our clients with statistical research and sports modelling solutions in order to help them understand the football betting market. Our immense knowledge and expertise in this area provides a massive advantage to professional punters and syndicates to quickly grasp the new market trends.
– Thorough league and match analysis based on our own in-house xG models, team supremacy, team news along with recommended betting markets and odds. Our probabilistic predictions are meant to assists our clients in making profitable and educated betting predictions.
– Our in-house trading analysts can continuously monitor and manage your live algorithmic trading strategies and day-to-day operations.


– Our in-house event tracker software, combined with our football analysts delivers a wealth of data, used to analyse games and improve predictions. Football stats such as shot location, assists, key passes, sequences and possession chains are carefully structured in our database and used in our prediction models.
– Our detailed data can be accessed via a user-friendly API or ready datasets in different formats.
– We have a detailed coverage of more than 40 leagues along with the necessary tools and experience to create a more coherent analysis of leagues and teams.


– We are able to develop and structure your software projects and create robust, scalable and custom applications as per your needs. With more than 25 years of experience in the betting industry, we are more than confident in providing the software services that you need.
– Your idea will be carefully analysed, your needs taken into consideration and a satisfactory solution will be offered for a web platform/script/desktop app.
– Our extensive tooling can help you build your event sourcing, asynchronous app communications, proprietary trading algorithms so that you stay competitive and enhance your betting model’s edge. Furthermore, our quants and software engineers will constantly research and implement technical improvements to your betting projects.

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